I’m all about saving money and being eco-friendly – interview with Zoe Morrison

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Zoe Morrison be the change radio interviewZoe lives in Brighton with her husband and their two children.

In 2011, Zoe’s older child was due to start school and her younger was starting nursery. The idea of juggling her family’s needs with her own commute filled Zoe with dread.

However she was comfortable with her eco friendly and organic lifestyle which she didn’t want to stop as she felt these were the best choices for her children.

Zoe asked herself a daring question…

Could she possibly quit her job and still maintain her current lifestyle?

Five years later and she’s succeeded in her challenge.

Find out how emptying her dining room earned her £1000, discover the top two things Zoe believes everyone should grow at home and find out why shopping at a local grocer can be fun!

Enjoy this practical and down to earth conversation where I’m confident you’ll be inspired by at least one idea you can implement today.

Zoe’s tips for saving money the eco friendly way

  • Make the most of the space you have at home by renting out a room or garage.
  • Organise a clothes swap party – it’s a great way to give and get new clothes for free!
  • Use a local grocer or veg box scheme to reduce both food waste and packaging.
  • Try growing some of your own food – berries and herbs take minimal care and come back year on year.

zoe morrisons tips for saving money be the change radio

Key messages from Zoe:

Through being willing to experiment, learning new skills and even setting up a food sharing group, Zoe has managed to maintain her lifestyle where she enjoys eco friendly and organic products while quitting her job.

motivational quote from zoe morrison be the change radio

Some of Zoe’s experiments include growing her own food, organising a clothes swap and making yogurt and bread. She recommends you work out ways you can either cut back and save money or make money before taking drastic action, as well as deciding on YOUR personal desire and motivation for achieving your goal.

Zoe feels shopping locally is a much more enjoyable experience than using a supermarket. There are no big queues, you get to know the owners, and feel valued because they really appreciate your custom.

zoe morrison interview with be the change radio

Accept that there isn’t always an ideal. Not many things tick all the boxes. Zoe recognises that in the real world she has to make choices between, do I want local, organic, unpackaged or affordable and be willing to compromise.

To Be The Change, it’s all about focusing on the small changes that make a big difference. Zoe recommends questioning all your little habits and purchasing patterns. For example putting on the trouble vs hanging the washing outside is a question of asking yourself “how much money is it costing me to use the tumble dryer, how much energy is it using and how much difference can I make be by hanging the washing outside?

Quote from zoe morrison for be the change radio

Connect with Zoe:

Zoe is passionate about being eco-friendly without costing the earth. She’s slashed her yearly expenditure by over £11,000 and shows you how on her blog.

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