Guilt, Greed and Gratification – interview with Richard Strauss

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richard strauss interview with be the change radioToday I’m talking to Richard who, even as a self-confessed, ‘non creative’ in the kitchen, recognises that food waste is everyone’s responsibility.

He shared his views on how being disconnected from the life cycle of food is causing food waste, the surprising similarities between a bag of watercress and a broken appliance and we even shared a recipe to use up old banana skins!

Using emotive words like ‘ridiculous’, ‘horrendous’ and ‘unforgivable’, join me and Richard as we delve deeply into some of the issues surrounding food waste.

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Richard’s tips for people to reduce food waste

  • Try not to shop when you’re either too hungry or even too full as this invariably leads to poor decision making.
  • Make a meal plan around the foods you already have at home that need using up.
  • Make a shopping list before you head to the shops – and stick to it.
  • Shop for nutrition, rather than a quick hit.

Food waste tips be the change radio

Key messages from Richard:

Nature wastes nothing. Old dead trees and leaves rot into the ground, chickens take scraps and make eggs, flies scavenge the things nobody else wants to eat. When you look at anything you no longer need or want – from an old vacuum cleaner to last night’s dinner – see if you can begin to think like nature and rethink this ‘rubbish’ as an untapped resource.

life cycle of food - be the change radio

This show is about Being The Change. Instead of viewing food waste as someone else’s problem – be it the manufacturer, supermarket or Government – recognise that we ALL have a responsibility for the food we buy, prepare and eat. It’s not a disposable item.

By planning ahead, you avoid those impulse buys that can lead to waste. The fast food industry sows into our lack of time, our desire for a massive hit and supplies it cheaply and easily.

reponsibility of food waste be the change radio

Connect with Richard:

Although not an avid Social Media user, you can find Richard on Facebook and send him a friend request.

Creativity runs through Richard’s veins, which is why he has set up a successful web agency. If you’re looking for a new website, or your old one needs a facelift, you’ll find details about Richard’s work here.

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