A conversation with a horse changed my life – interview with John Cossham

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john cossham be the change radio podcast headshotJohn lives in England and has been living the green life for 30 years. He is actively involved with lots of campaigns and projects – many of them connected to waste, resources and energy.

We discussed how a conversation with a horse changed his life forever, how he managed to have a carbon footprint just one twelfth the size of the average UK person and the most unusual thing he likes to recycle…

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John’s tips for a Zero Waste Lifestyle:

  • Join in with the grassroots campaign, Zero Waste Week – . This social media awareness campaign, encourages participants to reduce their landfill waste. With a reach of over 35 million, it’s a great way to meet like-minded people.
  • Work with other people – find, or set up! a local carbon rationing group. It’s a good way to meet people who share your concerns and help each other.
  • Insulate your house so you’re wasting less energy.
  • Change your diet – eat local and seasonal plant based foods where possible to reduce your carbon footprint and overall impact on the environment.

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Key message from John:

Focus on having a good life and enjoying yourself without consuming. There is no connection between the amount of stuff you’ve got and your happiness. As long as we fulfill our basic needs – a roof over our heads, enough food and drink, good social interaction and meaningful daily activities – then actually we don’t need that much more.

Do everything you can. There is only one planet, our lives are short and we need to make sure we leave a good enough planet for our children, our grandchildren and their grandchildren.

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Connect with John:

Compost John‘ lives a very low carbon lifestyle, campaigns on a wide range of issues and is a community activist and writer. He welcomes new friends on Facebook.

John’s blog; Low Carbon Lifestyle. Hasn’t been updated for a while, but it’s a good way to contact him if you’re not on Facebook.

Home composting advice for the people of York and beyond! York Rotters was started in 2004 by John Cossham, St Nicks Fields and City of York Council, based on Garden Organic’s ‘Master Composter’ format. The project was highly successful, but closed in 2012 as the funding dried up. But due to popular demand, they’re starting again!

Professor fiddlesticks : Professor Fiddlesticks is available for parties, festivals, fetes and schools events, also science events…

John Cossham quotation for be the change radio

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